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What's Going On

Hiyeee. Here's what's been up so far this year:

Guest starring on THE GOOD FIGHT on CBS.

Guest starring on NEON JOE WEREWOLF HUNTER on Adult Swim

Filmed a scene as "HARRY"  in the feature film CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? with Melissa McCarthy & Richard E. Grant

Filming a scene as "BILL" in  the feature film GAME NIGHT starring Rachel McAdams & Jason Bateman.






COIN HEIST comes to Netflix January 6th.

On January 6th, the movie COIN HEIST directed by Emily Hagins is released on Netflix. I'm in it along with Sasha Pieterse, Alex Saxon, Alexis G. Zall, Jay Walker, Neal Huff, Mark Blum, David W. Thompson, Blanche Baker and many more. 

It's a teen heist moving that is like "The Breakfast Club" meets "Oceans 11"...but with coins.

I play Mr. Rankin, the authority figure/Art & Design teacher who's onto the kid's master plan.

Here's the trailer.

W Magazine on High Maintenance

W magazine includes HIGH MAINTENANCE in their year end list:

"Best Episode: Episode 6, “Ex”
Michael Cyril Creighton as the grieving, agoraphobic, La Croix-collecting Patrick is a tragic and charming exhibition of loneliness, but “Ex” is also one of the rare occasions where the audience gets a clear insight into The Guy’s personal life and relationships with not only his customers, but those who know him as someone other than a dealer. A perfect ending to a short season, “Ex” was illuminating and sweet. We can’t wait to see where this goes when the series returns next year."